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Singles, pray for your spouse

I'm single, and at the age of 33, I am thankful I didn't get married earlier in life. Sure there are only a few from my high school and college batchmates who are still single -- and yes I am thankful to be one of them. Looking back, I now find my younger self to… Continue reading Singles, pray for your spouse

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Muni Muni sa Umaga: Challenges, Acceptance and His heart

Below was a post I made at 3am last Friday, June 9. Caffeine was still kicking and I just started typing these words instead of finishing off what I was doing.... Sometimes, we are faced with insecurities as we wait on God's answer for a mate. Well, this even gets worst if we find ourselves liking… Continue reading Muni Muni sa Umaga: Challenges, Acceptance and His heart


Muni Muni sa Umaga…

"Jesus, I surrender to You my hurts. Help me to let go of them and to hold on to Your promises. May this pain bring out Your purpose for me. Amen." I found this prayer sent through email as part of a devotional from Maymay Salvosa... more than this prayer I found me relating to… Continue reading Muni Muni sa Umaga…